From Director’s Desk

From Director’s Desk

A warmhearted welcome to the world of ITRC.

I take this opportunity to share the deepest of my voice. I started with a mission to spread knowledge and wisdom, by the time ITRC become a brand name, I now realizes the worth of my thoughts and Intentions. As nothing happens overnight, it takes a lot of perseverance and patience to churn the wheels and to stay on the path of enrichment.

The Government of any country work for the betterment of their countrymen, this core value gets justification when nobody sleeps empty stomach at night due to non-availability of money. To reach this level our Government is working round the clock. Authorities introduce various State Government Sponsored and Central Government Sponsored projects along with many others with the common objective of providing sustainable livelihood to the all walks of life. Hence, ITRC is thankful to Government for giving us MAP which guides us on our journey.

Furthermore, in today’s dynamic world, industries are making huge contribution towards the development of country. When we consider the micro level, Govt. & the society is grateful to industries for providing ridge to these skilled individuals. ITRC is closely associated with numerous employers, thus, we understand their needs and concentrates on the employability skills of the trainees’ as well.

ITRC regulates on the ground level; our team members are the soldiers in the battle field where they fight and conquer some known and unknown demons (challenges). The final products which ITRC creates are the skilled candidates that are the future of our globe. I must mention about the Parents, who play an important part in the career of their children. They trust ITRC for their children. Moreover, I also request them to understand their young ones and motivate them to become self-dependent.

Apparently, without the support of our stakeholders, ITRC wouldn’t be able to complete its task on time with utmost accuracy in the implementation part. I consider myself fortunate to have the befitting stakeholders.

To recapitulate, I hope all our trainees round the corner move ahead in their life, get quality training and skills to live up and to convert their dreams of a great career into reality.

With Best Wishes
C.A Rizwan Khan FCA, LA (QMS)
Chairman& Founder