Leadership and Journey

ITRC started its journey from 1999 and has pioneered in the field of skill development and vocational training. However, we have worked really hard to reach this level; we still have milestones to achieve. Unemployment is one of the serious issues all-around. Reason being the youth is not employable due to lack of skill and knowledge. Additionally, education need great amount of finance and more than half of the human population is not financially sound to undertake proper academics and training. If consider India only, 10 million individuals consistently require jobs with vocational skills. Apparently, with this statistic profit holding up to be procured, our organization is presently in the mission of outfitting the tremendous potential of youth by imparting focused quality training with scale and speed. With the year passing, we have gained various proud moments, to name a few; from 1999 to 2009 ITRC triumphed in Scholarship Exam and hundreds of Computer Education Centers. In the year 2010 ITRC achieved its first International presence in Sri Lanka. In 2013, ITRC become “Assessing Body of the DGE&T, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, and Government of India under the MES Scheme. The journey of empanelling was continued with signing the MOU with RSLDC (Rajasthan Skills and Livelihoods Development Corporation in the year 2014. 2015 was the year ITRC felt hiked up by becoming the partner with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), whereas now ITRC is running NSDC Progranmes under more than 10 sectors When you do well you get recognition, therefore, ITRC in the year 2016 awarded with “ICT Excellence Award for Best Skill Development Enterprise” for being the best in Computer Education. Projects are making our success story strong, in 2017, various projects came under the name of ITRC, these projects has contributed greatly in making our country more skillful. These were NRLM, NULM, SSRD, PMKVY,MANAS, MPBOCW etc. With the continuation in procuring projects, ITRC in the year 2018 were executing MAPCET, Learn & Earn, Antyavasai etc. The project CSS-VHSE under NSQF make ITRC fee like the project is meant for us only, as our accomplishments and current pace in the project is unwatchable, ITRC is running this project in Andhra Pradesh (45), Maharashtra (19), Telangana (22), Jammu & Kashmir (72), Tamil Nadu (18) and West Bengal (40). 10,000+ students were benefited under this scheme. In Media & Entertainment sector ITRC ranked no. #1 position and leading in VHSE Project and in the country. Since the origin has been centered on preparing in the areas of self-development and well- being, our organization has successfully been able to provide decent jobs to our students in their career paths. Our uphill journey is making a huge difference in the lives of folks walking with us.