Sponsor a Child

“Sponsor a Child” through our CSR project. This journey started in the year 2012. Our dedicated team of volunteers identifies underprivileged children who aspire to study further but their parents do not have enough fortune to pay school fee therefore, ITRC takes this opportunity of carrying complete educational expenses. It costs minimum $20 per month to support a needy child in our Educational program. Moreover, we also accept donation in kind like computer, laptop, software, printer, learning CDs, Books, notebooks, etc. We donate these to Village level NGOs and economically weak village person who wants to be an entrepreneur.

ITRC is currently building an educational and development center to offer educational support and vocational training for the under privileged children of the weaker section of the society. Our programs are of minimum 3 month to maximum 12 month.
You can help by offering to provide a monthly pledge of $20, $50, or $75, or you can provide the entire amount for one child for a particular program of 3,6 or 12 months.
Sponsors will receive a photo and profile of their child, along with an annual progress update. They will also have the ability to communicate by writing letters to their sponsored child.