Bal Mukund

Responsibilities knock your doors silently. BalMukund who dreamed big but just ITI diploma wasn’t good enough. BalMukund was looking for opportunities with the responsibilities of 5 members of family including his wife and a new born baby. His journey was not so easy as he was trying his hands in so many industries but couldn’t succeed. He knew, something was missing in his efforts. It was very difficult to find the missing part with no earnings to help his wife and child.
The training offered by ITRC recognized his ability and helped him understand soft skills, presentations, computer operations, problem solving and other skills. He cultivated his knowledge and got his confidence back. ITRC helped him for his interview skills that resulted as a bigger success for him. He got selected as Training Officer in renowned Institute.
Confident BalMukund says – “Trainers of ITRC boosted my confidence and corrected me in each and every single step.
I was unawared about so many capabilities and I got to know many of them by ITRC assessments.”
Now BalMukund has set the example for his students and handling them in a inspiring way.BalMukund’s responsibilities made him a proud person for his family.