Abhay Dongre

Abhay is a very enthusiast person but circumstances did not allow him to cherish it. His family is dependent on very tiny annual income 20k-30k of his elder brother only. Abhay’s only dream was to see his family happy and he was ready to pay the price to make it true. At the age of 30 challenge was so tough to manage while his graduation (B.A).
Abhay was ready towards a positive change.He admitted himself to ITRC under the Retail Sales Associate program. He was very happy and excited for leanings the new things as he learned sales skills, presentations, voice and accent. He was so happy to see him transforming. Before the training he was very under confident about his ability but now he is so confident and optimistic. He got the job of 8000 Rs. in Pedigree Petfoods as sales executive.
With a very confident smile Abhay says-“I am very happy to work among the MBA people but I am happier than that as the skills provided by ITRC has made me capable so that I can work more proficiently & confidently with them.”
Now Abhay is supporting his family in a very good manner. He became a hero for his family.
“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”
Abhay accepted the challenge and conquered successfully.