Dheerendra Solanki

25 years old 12th passed out Dheerendra lost his father earlier who was the only earning source for his family. Dheerendra’s father was a laborer and was very hard working. He got the efficiency to work hard in his legacy. He and his brother was struggling to overcome the crises. His family income was 50,000/- Rs annually with his wife and a kid.

It was very challenging for Dheerendra to stay in Indore and find the job opportunity with a very few bucks.
Dheerendra got to know about ITRC and enrolled him in Program MAPCET Where he got the training of Automobile sector and showroom hosting. Moreover he learned computer skills, soft skills and personality development.

He appeared in GSK Pharmaceuticals interview and cracked it. He got 1.5 lac per annum salary package by proving his worth.
Dheerendra says thanks to ITRC very proudly “ITRC supported me not only for my skills but also for my accommodation and food. Trainers were very helpful when I needed extra classes. It was near to impossible for me to geta job with higher secondary Diploma. ITRC has given me wings to achieve my next goal.”

Now Dheerendra is managing his family very well. He got inspired to study further and pursuing it by his own expenses. Dheerendra now became an inspiration for his brother and spreading happiness to his family.