Amrit mandloi

22 year old Amrit was born into a family that had to struggle hard for their meals. Amrit was managing his graduation and also assisted his father in his laboring. He knew that nothing substantial could ever be achieved with these efforts. He decided to be evolved for a better living.

It was not easy for Amrit to find his path with no money in his hands. He got selected for ITRC training program. He got the desired platform to prove himself. ITRC helped Amrit with his skills and he worked hard. Amrit got the opportunity and grabbed it. He got placed in Soni Electrical Pvt. Ltd. with 8,000/- rs per month salary. Now Amrit’s parents are very proud of him. Proud Amrit says-“ It’s like a dream for me that what I wanted to do, I am doing it now. I got appreciation which I never had before. Thanks to ITRC Team”

Now Amrit set his father free from all responsibilities and became a successful support to his sweet little family.