Bhawna Anjana

Bhawna when enrolled for the programme was very confident. Although she was not clear in her mind about what she wants to become, yet she was having this zeal to learn and earn. Whilst training she was very attentive and regular student. Inside her mind eventually she started to plan for her own Parlour at home, however, she was afraid that Petlawad is a small area and maybe she won’t be able to get customers. She discussed with her parents and with the support of whole family and ITRC, she started her own Parlour and become self-employed. This is not it she is running it successfully and helping her family in their living. Moreover, now she has become an example to other women out there.

Her story is also covered by DD news as she is self-employed and also providing employment to other women of the area, after the successfully completion of Beauty and Wellness course from ITRC, Petlawad district Jhabua state M.P.