Benefites of Vocational Education

Benefites of Vocational Education

There are many advantages of vocational education. Your classes will focus on the knowledge and skills that you need for a particular job, and the time and money that you expend is less than a four-year college program.

One of the benefits of vocational training is that you can jump right into classes that speak to your career passions. Unlike a university degree, you won’t have to take general education classes that are unrelated to your career field. The reduced seat time for most certificates and degrees means that you’ll begin learning new skills right away.

Benefits of the Scheme :-

1. Skills students learn here make you job ready.

2. The scheme is well designed as per the level of toughness of the course. This helps us to inculcate skills in trainees in a better way.

3. Under this training, students also take up the internship which also provide them stipend and more than that, they experience the ground level working and practical knowledge.

4. Benefit of the scheme for Employers are, they don't have to invest heavy traning cost.

5. The scheme reduces the drop out rate at the secondary level.     

6. The Job roles and trades in the scheme are having great amount of Scope.

7. It is found after feedback from Students and Parents that the students likes to learn these skills, it has become their favorite period in School. Eventually, regularity of the students increased in the school.