Placement Portal

Placement Portal

System plays a very important role in any organization’s success or failure. The top management of ITRC strongly believes the importance of having processes, procedures and systems in place before implementing any policy decision. When the management decided to provide placement assistance to its students, the first question was to correctly manage the data of its alumni.

This lead to the idea of having our own job portal equipped with all features from last 10 years. The portal was launched under the domain and the features of the same are no less than any of the top ranked job site in the world. Soon ITRC will be adding “video resume”  option on our portal.

The job portal also gives our business partners an additional source of business as they have the right to use the database and act as a placement consultant in their city/town. ITRC has also roped in some recruitment firms to use our platform for the benefits of our students. Many corporates also have started using our job portal in their recruitment drive.

The Portal assist us to be in contact with our Alumini. Moreover, ITRC also regulate refreshal training programmes, in which our pass outs and other working professionals register which helps them to perforn more efficiently. 

The site soon will be having some changes which will make it a one step solution for all recruitmen and placement related issues and queries. The site will become more user friendly and much help to all sector employers and job seekers from all over the globe.